Phobos-17 (2018)

PHOBOS-17 is a sci-fi escape room, the second I worked on from the award winning mostly harmless.

Disney Store Cinemagraphs (2016)

Worked with Blair Barnette as part of a team creating Star Wars Cinemagraphs for the Disney Store.

For more info and images of the other cinemagraphs click below.

Night Owls (2016)

Set dressing and art direction for short film 'Night Owls'.

White Lily (2016)

Set dressing for sci-fi short 'White Lily'.

Amelia's Letter (2015)

Prop letters/illustrations and set dressing for short film 'Amelia's Letter'.

Set dressing for four different time periods (1903, 1939, 1969, 2014) for 'Amelia's Letter'.

Event Set Dressing